Rilastil Stretch Marks Cream 200ml


Stretch marks are marks on the skin that can take the appearance of stripes or lines. They appear when a person grows, your body changes due to pregnancy or weight increases rapidly. However, stretch marks do not arise in the skin from one day to another and may decrease with specialized treatments.

Rilastil stretch mark is a cream indicated for prevention and treatment of atrophic stretch marks caused by the rupture of collagen and elastin fibres during different stages: adolescence, pregnancy, weight changes. It is a cream with an appropriate physiological pH to aesthetically improve stretch marks from the abdomen, hips and breasts.

Its formula is made up of the following active ingredients:

  • Isoaminoacidos: increases the elasticity and resistance of the skin.
  • Allantoin: promotes the improvement of the processes of repair of the epidermis and exerts a soothing and protective action.
  • Vitamin complex: trophic action and antioxidant.
  • Oil rice and gamma oryzanol: emollient and protective action.

Instructions for use: Apply the cream twice a day with a gentle massage in the transversal direction to the stretch mark formation until it is completely absorbed. Start treatment as soon as the first symptoms appear.

* Dermatologically tested to prevent and treat all types of skin with stretch marks. Non-comedogenic.

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Men, Women




Men, Women

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